The retreat is an event which interrupts one’s daily life, creating a spot in our mind that allows to connect with one’s true essence. With no outside world interference, one will find the perfect opportunity to get in touch with oneself.


The whole surrounding environment, the contact with nature, healthier and cleaner food, and the implementation of several available practices, are essential instruments for the harmonization of oneself with the Universe.


Casa Shanti, in cooperation with other people, has been organizing several yoga, philosophical, macrobiotic cooking, silence meditation and Maya Calendar living experience retreats, along with several other practices which contribute to the full development of the human being.


Everyone is invited to participate in these retreats, regardless of the level of experience with this knowledge, because our goal is to promote all philosophies and practices that contribute towards the evolution of conscience.


Our place is available for the organization of retreats as long as they are conceived and delivered within the philosophy of this place. The cost of renting the place, plus accommodation / meals can be negotiated on a case-to-case basis.