Casa Shanti is located at Penedo do Lexim, near Mafra, just 30 minutes away from Lisbon and 14 Km away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. The place consists of a small cluster of stone houses, recovered from pre-existent ruins. The reconstruction was made with the same stones, used many times by our ancestors and keepers of this site.


The houses are shaped in the regions traditional manner, with some personal touches and changes which made them more luminous and functional, yet still integrated in the surroundings. In the interiors decoration an harmonious fusion of several cultures was achieved, making the atmosphere comfortable and unique.


The surrounding space

In front of the houses, there are beautiful gardens in terraces with leafy trees, ornamental plants and small biological agriculture crops. The original flora, as well as its diverse fauna, includes unique species such as the royal-eagle, the barn owl and the fox. Sheltered from the north winds, this place has its own special micro-climate which makes it an oasis of nature, where the visitor is led to align with the energy of the earth.


The place is situated half way down the hill from ancient and extint volcanic chimneys, where one can find basaltic outcrops e limestone areas. There is also archaeological evidence at the site which indicates it was inhabited during the Neolithic, Calco Lithic and the Bronze Age.


Conceived as a place for resting, where the visitor has the opportunity to live an experience different from the usual routine.