Eduardo Buzaglo and Carolina Mantero are the leaders of this project of harmony and tuning with oneself. After several trips across the five continents and the subsequent contact with diverse philosophies and lifestyles, they have gathered some techniques that they consider to be fundamental for the development and alignment of the Human Being in the New World.


Contacts and studies have been developed within the knowledge of Ayurveda, Macrobiotic food and the Law of Time. Their living experience during the last decades, at Penedo do Lexim — which itself is a place of knowledge — has led them to want to share their experience. Their main goal is to work with every techniques that can help to provide the harmonization of the Human Being with the Cosmos and therefore improving the quality of life.


Self-sustainability and permaculture

Casa Shanti project is based in a self-sustainability and permaculture through the following vectors:


  • Ecological Agriculture – Harmony with the Earth, plants and climate
  • Alternative Technology – Harmony with the Sun, Wind and Water
  • Fermentation Technology – Harmony with the microorganisms
  • Interior Ecology – Harmony with the body, mind and spirit