Our work is based on Ayurveda and Yoga. Several techniques are used for warming up the muscular system and to improve the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. The combination of yoga stretches are used to help articulation mobility and to relax muscular tension. Oil and herbs used in this type of massage help to balance the elements of the body, improve circulation, and expel toxins.


This massage does focus on improving circulation, aligning the muscular system and improving vital energy. At the end of the session, you will be profoundly relaxed and feeling rejuvenated. Yoga means «knowing how to use», having the right attitude and spiritual values in life, the right lifestyle and a balanced diet. We must harmonize our inner nature and allow it to open up and flourish, so we need to have Asana and Pranayama balanced.


Asana is posture, which means the right alignment of body energies through your spine. This procedure brings you physical peace.


Pranayama is the harmonization and expansion of the vital force. Prana means energy. It’s the vital energy that fills the Universe. It’s energy, vital strength; all living things in the planet have Prana. It gives us life. Makes us strong and healthy, the Prana has to be plenty and circulate slowly.


These are the reasons why Yoga Stretches are important to help improving and renovating your energy, destroying blocks and directing the energy of Prana around the body, thus, creating balance and continuous current.